Walt Disney World 10K 2018 Recap

I’m back for round two of my Dopey Challenge race recaps!

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Flashback to January 5, 2018….

Like clockwork, I woke up at 2:58 a.m., just before my 3 a.m. alarm. I followed the same routine as the day before (washing my face, brushing my teeth, and throwing on some sunscreen). I then checked the weather, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was going to be a few degrees warmer for the 10K morning than it was for the 5K. Key words being “a few degrees…”

I decided to ditch my skirt and just stick with my black tights and undershirt (with another undershirt underneath that). I figured if I could still see my spotted shirt and headband, then people should at least recognize the Dalmatian aspect of my costume.

Steve and I bundled up and headed out the door. We arrived at the bus stop just in time to catch the first bus to the race area. We made a b-line for the hot chocolate/coffee stand again so that we could warm our bodies up. The line wasn’t as long this time, though.

After getting our warm beverages, we headed to an empty area within the parking lot so that I could stretch. I definitely wanted to do a better job of stretching this morning so that I didn’t have the same tight muscle/frozen leg sensation at the start of the race. While we were there, I noticed a marathon weekend sign that was pretty cool, so I asked Steve to take my photo in front of it.


You can really see how bundled up I had to be for the race mornings – my costume was not even visible!

When I finished stretching and drinking my hot cocoa, Steve and I walked over to the character lines to see how long they were. We told ourselves that if any of the lines were under 15 minutes, we would wait. But, we really weren’t expecting to get any photos since most of the lines were 30-60 minutes long during the morning of the 5K. To our surprise, Pluto only had a 10-minute wait, so we jumped in line!


I was sure to take off my outer layers for this photo since it was with Pluto and I was dressed as a Dalmatian!

After we finished waiting for Pluto, I headed for the corrals so that I could again be in the first wave of runners in my corral (A). I continued to stretch out my legs and chat with the people around me. Funny enough, I actually stood next to the same people I was with at the start of the 5K – how weird is that?! We must have had the same idea!

Before I knew it, it was time to start the race! Because it was slightly warmer for this race, I knew that I wanted to try to stop for some photos…if my body could handle it. So, I took a few deep breaths and took off with the first wave of corral A!

I had done a 10K in Disney before, so I knew to expect a few miles on the roads outside of Epcot before heading into World Showcase and the Boardwalk. Although it was cold, I still did my intervals for this race so that I could save my legs for the next two days.

My first walk break occurred as we exited Epcot (through the station). I was surprised at how quickly I was warming up for this race. It was night and day compared to the 5K. After a quick walk break, I started running again and quickly approached the mile 1 marker and the first character stop, which was Pocahontas and Meeko – two of my all-time favorites. But, the line was RIDICULOUS! I didn’t want to stand in the cold for 25 minutes for any character. So, I let it go and moved on to the sharp turn/hill thing that occurs just after mile 1. Because I was able to start so far forward in my corral, the sharp turn and corresponding hill were a breeze! And, at the top, was a fun character stop with the characters from A Bugs Life with no line. Score!


After snapping this pic, I proceeded down the race path before quickly running up on the third character stop, which was the evil queen from Snow White in witch form. Because I had gotten that photo before (during the Enchanted 10K), I decided to skip that character stop and keep going. The line was rather long anyway.

Before long, we were heading into Epcot’s World Showcase. I always love this part of any runDisney race. Epcot is a beautiful park, especially early in the morning when no one is in it! I stopped for a few character stops before we exited the park for the first time.


We then started our loop around the Boardwalk. I have a love-hate relationship with the Boardwalk. It is absolutely stunning, but I always find myself tripping over the boards (I’m probably just clumsy).

As we approached the first of the shops/restaurants on the Boardwalk, I noticed that Genie was hanging out in front of the ESPN Club. Although I have stopped for him multiple times in the past, I just had to stop! He’s so cute, and the line was so short!


After the photo, I took off and finished my loop of the Boardwalk before re-entering Epcot. I then made my way through the rest of World Showcase, and, as I made the turn toward Spaceship Earth, I saw Duffy standing off to the side with no line! He is so cute, so of course I had to stop!


Finally, I made my way through the rest of Epcot and sprinted toward the finish. I crossed the finish line – with a smile of course – and got my pretty Minnie-themed medal!


I walked through the rest of the finisher’s chute and grabbed my food box, beverages, and mylar blanket. After I received my goodies, I headed toward our resort’s bus stop to meet Steve. We boarded a bus right away and got back to Pop Century in record time!

We quickly got ready and then caught a bus to Epcot, where we spent the rest of our day.

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We rode all of the best rides and ate a ton of good food, including dinner at Via Napoli to carb up for the half – my favorite!

To sum it all up, I had so much fun during this race even though I ran it alone! There were so many character stops with short lines, and the course wasn’t too crowded. It was so enjoyable! If you’re interested in seeing what happened next during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, be sure to stay tuned for my half marathon recap later this week!



2017 Enchanted 10K Recap

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The morning of the Enchanted 10K had finally arrived! My alarm woke me up at 2:45 a.m. (at the same time my two other friends, Becky and Alana, arrived at the resort). I took my time getting dressed and ate my breakfast (an Uncrustable and a TON of water). When it was time to leave, my friend Taylor and I headed to the lobby of the resort to catch the bus to the race at 3:45.

We arrived a few minutes later, and I made sure to have Taylor take a quick photo of me in front of Spaceship Earth.


Then, we made our way to the DJ area where many runners were stretching and dancing. We did the Cha Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle, and then it was time for me to head to my corral.


I made my way to corral A and stretched for a few minutes before we were shuffled to the start line. Before I knew it, it was time for my part of corral A to begin (I was in the very front of the corral, so I got to see the big fireworks!)!


And we were off!

Because I started at the very front of my corral, the course was very open at the beginning of the race – which I loved!

We ran under the bridge and saw Moana! She told us to “keep going, Voyagers!”


We continued to make our way down Epcot’s parking lot until we ran through the Epcot parking gates.


Shortly after, we made it to mile 1, and then it was up the ramp to one of Disney’s main roads. Here, I stopped for my first character stop. Because I was dressed as Snow White, I had to stop for the Evil Queen!


This picture didn’t turn out quite as I would have liked, but that’s ok!

After the photo, I continued on and passed miles 3 and 4 shortly after. Then, I entered Epcot where plenty of characters were waiting for me!

I saw Dopey in Germany and Geppetto and Pinocchio in Italy. I believe Marie was out in France, but her line was very long, and I didn’t feel like stopping.

After half a loop around World Showcase, we headed to the Boardwalk where we saw the Genie and Minnie!



Then, it was back to Epcot to finish the World Showcase loop and run around the front of the park.


Then, we passed Spaceship Earth and headed to the finish! I refrained from sprinting at the end in an effort to save energy for the Half the next day. Instead, I took in the moment and finished with a smile.

IMG_8524Yay! Race 1 was done!

After getting my medal and RunDisney food box, I met back up with Taylor and we headed to the resort.

I got a quick shower and then we made our way to the food court for some Mickey waffles!


After breakfast, we hopped on a bus to Epcot and spent the day riding our favorite rides, eating delicious food, and looking in all of the shops around the World Showcase.


Day 1 was done and I was ready for the Half!

Stay tuned for part 3 of my Glass Slipper Challenge recap: the Princess Half Marathon.