Dopey Challenge Training Update #2

Hi, all!

I just completed week #20 of Dopey Challenge training! Can you believe it? Only 10 to go!


Now that I’m 2/3 of the way done, I thought that I’d do another recap of my experience from weeks #10-20 and share highlights and some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

To be honest, all of my runs have felt amazing! I don’t want to jinx it, but my pace, breathing, and stride have all been exactly where I’ve wanted them to be. Yes, I’ve had some bad runs, but I just pushed myself to finish.

Five Lessons:

  • Body Glide is EVERYTHING. Yes, this was on my list of lessons last time, but I’ve learned to use this wonderful tool in a new way. With the increase in mileage (and all of the back-to-back runs), my feet have started to fight back. I got my first blister on the bottom of my foot two weeks ago, and it was NOT fun. But, after that healed, I started to put Body Glide on the bottom of my feet, and I haven’t had any issues since!
  • More protein is necessary. While I loved smoothies as my recovery drink for the 15 weeks of training, I’ve recently learned that smoothies just don’t do it for me anymore. They leave me hungry after my training runs – I NEED MORE PROTEIN! Lately, I’ve been enjoying egg white muffins for breakfast, and these have been perfect! These muffins keep me full, while still providing the right nutrients to help me to recover.


  • Stretching needs to be a bigger part of my routine. In addition to hunger and sore feet, my legs are starting to get pretty tight in between training runs. I’ve really needed to double my stretching time throughout the day to keep myself loose and ready to run.
  • I need to run outside while I can. While the majority of my training has been in record heat here in Pennsylvania, I’ve been trying to run outside as much as possible so that I can keep my body on the “Florida heat mentality.” I know that this heat won’t last all the way to race weekend, but I’ll keep running outside as long as I can!
  • Podcasts are my best friend. Although I love my RunDisney playlist, sometimes I just need a little extra motivation to keep me going during my long training runs. I recently found Joyful Miles and Heather Jergensen on YouTube. Both of these channels provide a plethora of RunDisney tips, race recaps, and general health and fitness tips as well. Additionally, the personalities of Heather and the Joyful Miles gang are WONDERFUL! They are so positive and motivating – you should really check them out!

Major Highlights:

  • My pace, strides, and breathing have been fantastic.
  • I PRed in the middle of training! My half marathon PR was shattered last Sunday during my ninth half marathon (which was the second part of a 16-mile training run).


  • I’ve managed to stay on track with my plan – even with our hectic fall travel schedule!

In total, my Dopey Challenge training will last 31 weeks, including race weekend. So, only 10 left until it’s Dopey time! I’m motivated to keep going, and I can’t wait for the challenges that lie ahead.

Who will I be seeing at Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend?


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