Meal Prep With Me – Fall 2017 Edition!

Hi, guys!

While Steve was in Pittsburgh this weekend, I took the time to do some things I haven’t had the chance to do in SO long….I deep cleaned the entire house and meal prepped for the week! WHAT?! I meal prepped for the entire week?!?! Yes, that’s right…I made almost every single meal for the week on Sunday. I’ve loved being able to come home and just take a few minutes to heat up dinner. And, because I did everything on Sunday, I was able to make some interesting meals that we wouldn’t usually have on a week night.

So, follow along if you’d like to see what I made!


I’ve been seeing egg muffins all over social media. Basically, people take a muffin tin, fill it with any ingredients they like, and then add scrambled eggs and bake them. Then, they have an easy and healthy on-the-go breakfast!

I wanted to give these muffins a try (to see what all of the fuss was about) with some of my favorite ingredients.

I used:

  • Cooked turkey bacon
  • Sauteed Spinach
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Sauteed mushrooms
  • Egg Whites

I added the bacon, spinach, cheddar cheese, and mushrooms to a greased muffin tin, and then I filled each muffin tin up with the egg whites. I baked these at 400 degrees until the eggs were fully cooked. These muffins were super easy to make, and they turned out SO GOOD!



I’ve been really wanting to add some more protein to my lunches at work because I find myself looking for multiple snacks directly after I’m done eating. So, I decided to make 3 baked chicken breasts to add on top of my typical lunch salads. I didn’t take any pictures of these because it was honestly just baked chicken…no seasonings or anything. In addition to the salad, I bought a few pumpkin pie greek yogurt containers to have on the side. This has REALLY been working to keep me full all afternoon!


For dinner, I made the following meals:

  • Buffalo Chickpea Chili – I absolutely love this recipe! We’ve made it before and find that it usually lasts us two nights. We like to add ground chicken.


  • Baked Chicken and Sauteed Fish with Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa Muffins. This was actually two meals. I doubled Katie’s broccoli cheddar quinoa muffin recipe, which left us with 12 full muffins. We each had three for dinner both nights. One meal was with the chicken and the other was with the fish. These little quinoa muffins are absolutely fantastic! If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your plain quinoa, definitely give this recipe a try!


  • Spinach Omelettes with Turkey Bacon. I actually didn’t meal prep everything for this meal since we aren’t having it until Friday. I did pre-cook the bacon, but I wanted the omelettes to be fresh on Friday night, so I did not make those. We plan to use spinach and cheese in them.


This is really where my nutrition has gone down hill in the last few months. I’ve been eating WAY too many snacks. By adding more protein this week, I was successfully able to cut back my snacks to just two a day. For my morning snack, I have been enjoying a cup of green grapes, and for my afternoon snack, I’ve been loving apples with pumpkin cookie dough dip. THIS RECIPE IS EVERYTHING! It’s not too sweet, and it’s rather healthy….for a cookie dough dip, of course :).



So, there you have it. All of these meals took a combined total of 3 hours to make on Sunday. Not so bad! Additionally, by planning out my meals and adding more protein, I’ve managed to already lose two pounds from last week! I’m definitely going to keep up with the protein intake, and I really want to try to continue to meal prep when I can. It just makes things so much easier!

Do you meal prep? If so, please share your recipes – I’d love to add to my collection!


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