Week in Review – October 13, 2017

You guys…I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that it’s Friday. I know that it was a short week, but our trip last weekend really through me off – for nutrition, sleep, and productivity.

I’m getting ready to go to dinner, so let’s get this recap started!!


Tomorrow’s 9-mile maintenance run stands between me and the conclusion of Dopey Challenge training week #19. I can’t believe that next week is #20!

  • Friday: 15 miles around the neighborhood
  • Saturday: Rest day!
  • Sunday: Rest day!
  • Monday: 40 minutes on the exercise bike at home (we finally got this back from Steve’s parents!) and some arm and leg exercises
  • Tuesday: 3 miles around the neighborhood
  • Wednesday: 6 miles on the treadmill at the gym
  • Thursday: 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym

This morning, I did 25 minutes on the elliptical and some leg exercises. I’m definitely starting to feel the higher mileage in my legs now…which means more stretching and foam rolling for this girl!



As I mentioned last week, Steve and I went to Erie to visit his cousin at college last weekend. The drive was LONNNNNG, but we had a blast! We visited the zoo, the mall, local wineries and breweries, and some fun restaurants along the lake. See my photos below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

YES, that is a kangaroo petting exhibit…I WAS IN HEAVEN!

My other favorite experience for the week was my long run. I felt great the entire run, even though it was SO HUMID!


Not sure why Thad feels the need to make such weird faces in my photos…


Again…I was busy at both work and home, so no reading this week. I need to get my butt in gear though if I plan to finish the Harry Potter series before my trip!


Nothing really stands out for me. I’m guessing our dinner tonight will be the highlight of the week – we are going to Home 231, which is supposed to be PHENOMENAL – so I’ll keep you all posted next week!

Anything Exciting Happening Next Week?

YES! Two of my best friends who live several states away are coming home! I CANNOT WAIT! My blog posts may be sporadic or late next week since I’ll want to visit with my friends when I’m not working. I’ll definitely fill you all in after they leave though!

What are you most excited for this weekend?


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