Week in Review – September 15, 2017

Yikes, guys…I honestly have no idea where this week went. My boss was off all week, so I have been busy at work, and Steve and I have had appointments almost every day after work. Good news is that we got everything done…bad news is that I didn’t get to blog at all. I’m sorry about that!

But, because it’s Friday, let’s get this recap started!


Dopey Challenge training week #15 is complete! Because I will be traveling for yet another Pitt football game this weekend, I was forced to get my training runs done earlier again! See what I changed below:

  • Friday: 13 miles around the neighborhood
  • Saturday: Rest day! But, I did a lot of walking in State College!
  • Sunday: I took another rest day here, and I really needed it!
  • Monday: 3-mile run on the treadmill at the gym
  • Tuesday: 5 miles around the neighborhood
  • Wednesday: 3 miles around the neighborhood
  • Thursday: 20 minutes on the exercise bike at the gym and some leg exercises

So that I don’t have to wake up at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning, I decided to do my 7-mile run this morning. It went pretty well, even though it was super humid! I plan on taking a rest day tomorrow and doing either 30 minutes of walking or elliptical work at the gym at our hotel in Pittsburgh on Sunday.



We had yet another weekend of Pitt football last weekend – this time in State College. Although Pitt lost, I definitely had so much fun with our friends, family, and fellow Pitt students!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also had a fantastic 13-miler last weekend, so I think that deserves to be one of my top experiences for the week! Check out my photos below 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look at that fun water stop!


You guys, I totally forgot to bring my book home last weekend, and I was super busy with work this week, so I’m still working on it. I will finish it on the way to Pittsburgh though!


On the way to State College, we stopped at Brothers Pizza in Centre Hall, and OH MY GOSH was the food delicious. Please just look at my crab ravioli 🙂


Also, I forgot to mention this last week, but Steve made the most delicious dinner before my 13-miler last Friday! We had chicken caesar wraps and homemade sweet potato fries. YUM!


I have the best hubby for sure!

Anything Exciting Happening Next Week?

Steve and I will be heading to Pittsburgh this weekend for our last Pitt game for at least a month. Although I love seeing my friends and watching my team play, these last three weeks have been exhausting! I should be back to my normal blogging schedule next week!

What are you most excited for this weekend?


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