5 Reasons To Visit the PA Renaissance Faire

Yesterday, Steve, Maddie (my sister), and I visited the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Lancaster, Pa. And, let me tell you, it was SO FUN! Steve had not been there since our 6th grade field trip, and Maddie and I had not been there since 2008. So, it’s safe to say that we didn’t really remember much of the faire going into it. We had heard great things from our friends, so we all wanted to check it out, and yesterday was the perfect day to that. We had clear blue skies, not-too-hot temperatures, and the faire was not that crowded, surprisingly.

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Because we had so much fun at the faire yesterday, I wanted to take some time today to recap our experiences and to give my top 5 reasons for visiting the faire.

  • Food. You all knew that this would be at the top of my list. Anytime I’m in theme parks, fairs, carnivals, etc., I need to get food. And, the PA Ren Faire food did NOT disappoint! We had a plethora of delicious items, including turkey legs; pickle on a stick; fudge-dipped frozen banana; fudge-dipped cheesecake; fudge-dipped strawberries; chocolate milkshake; and a cheeseburger and French fries. Now, I did not eat all of that, but Steve and Maddie thought that everything was awesome as well!


So good!

  • Close proximity. Another great thing about the PA Ren Faire is its close proximity to other major area attractions, like Dutch Wonderland, the towns of Lancaster and Lititz, Hersheypark, and so much more!
  • Characters. Perhaps one of my favorite things about the PA Ren Faire is people watching. So many people dress up in their best renaissance garb and walk around “in character” with the other Ren Faire employees. It is so cool!

BE07B4F7-CF29-419E-A941-11DA7C0B114EThis guy was a hoot! He was NOT an employee, but he acted in character for other patrons.

  • Entertainment. The entertainment at the PA Ren Faire is superb. There are jousting shows, mud pit shows, random comedy acts on the streets, a walk-through dungeon, a maze, and several shows at the Globe Theatre. Our favorite, though, was the jousting. It shows pure athleticism, comedy, and skill. We loved it!
  • Shops. And, finally, one of my favorite things about the PA Ren Faire was all of the little shops around the faire grounds. There are so many cool shops dedicated to bath and body products, costumes, incense, pipes, jewelry, wall art, and more! I stumbled upon the Emerald City jewelry store and purchased this beautiful ring. BACK STORY: Steve bought me a tree of life necklace in NYC a few years ago, so now it is one of my favorite symbols. This ring totally adds to my tree of life collection 🙂


If you ever have the chance to visit the PA Renaissance Faire, I highly recommend that you do it – and do it all out. Try all of the food and drinks, stop in every shop, and watch every show that you’re able to. You won’t regret it!


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