Dopey Challenge Training Update #1

Hi, all!

I just completed week #10 of Dopey Challenge training! Wow….I can’t believe it! This plan is flying – it feels like I just started yesterday.


My puppy welcomed me home after my 11-mile training run at the gym on Saturday 🙂

Now that I’m 1/3 of the way done, I thought that I’d recap my experience so far and share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Ten weeks in and I’m feeling great! All of my runs have felt fantastic, and I’ve been hitting my training goal pace for each one. But, with that being said, I’ve definitely had some problems that I’ve had to adjust for.

Five things I learned, in particular, are:

  1. Body Glide is EVERYTHING. Yes. I trained for two marathons and too many half marathons and other races to count, but I’ve never experienced as much chafing as I have this cycle. I think that the extra weekly runs are really wearing down my sports bra line.
  2. Smoothies are my new favorite recovery drink. I love me some Nuun, but lately I’ve been craving smoothies after my runs. I make mine with Greek yogurt and chia seeds, so I’m sure to pack in the protein! Now if I don’t have my morning smoothie, I feel sluggish for the rest of the day, which affects my workout the next morning. It really is a vicious cycle.
  3. My stick roller is my new best friend. Four runs a week, plus cross and strength training, really pushes my muscles to the limit. Nothing beats my daily roll sessions…it hurts so good!
  4. Mornings are the only time to run. Lately, if I don’t workout in the morning, I can barely get myself to go after work. Running in the morning energizes me and makes me alert for the rest of the day. Plus, there’s no sun or heat!
  5. Treadmill runs aren’t terrible. As I’ve previously mentioned, treadmill runs over 5 miles used to make me annoyed. How would I keep myself busy? Do I really have to look at the wall the entire time? Ugh! But, I’ve now discovered the beauty of Netflix downloads. Yes, I’m a millennial, and yes, I am just now learning how to download Netflix shows for streaming offline. This is seriously the best invention ever. So far, I’ve watched re-runs of The Office, and I started watching The Crown – which is very good! Now, long runs on the treadmill (due to weather) don’t bother me!

In total, my Dopey Challenge training will last 31 weeks, including race weekend. So, only 20 left until it’s Dopey time! I’m motivated to keep going, and I can’t wait for the challenges that lie ahead.

Who will I be seeing at Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend?


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