My Running Belt Collection

Hi, friends! With my 11-miler coming up this weekend, I’ve got running, fuel, and gear on the brain. So, today, I want to talk a little bit about how I store all of my gear when I run.

First things first: let’s start out by discussing how and when I use a running belt. I usually don’t need a lot of “stuff” for my shorter weekly runs, which range anywhere from 2-8 miles during this training plan. I don’t like to drink too much water (for obvious reasons relating to my bladder :)), and my body doesn’t require fuel for any runs less than 10 miles. I also usually don’t carry my own water with me during races (except Marathons), unless the race course does not feature any. I do, however, always carry my phone, no matter how far I’m running.

With all of that being said, I usually don’t wear a running belt for any training runs under 10 miles. I don’t find it necessary, and I like to just be “free.”

Alright…so when I do run longer than 10 miles, what do I use?

I’ve gathered a fairly large collection of running belts over the years, and I’ve narrowed down a few of my favorites below:


  • Fitletic Mini Sport Belt (I believe I had a different model, but this is the most current version that I can find). This was my very first running belt. After I decided to sign up for my very first half marathon in 2013, I did A TON of research on what I would need to train. Because I followed several RunDisney bloggers/social media gurus, I was instantly drawn to this belt. It was water resistant, had plenty of storage for my phone and cards, and did not ride up. Now that phones have gotten larger, I don’t really use this belt all that often anymore. Fitletic does sell separate pouches for phones and other add-ons, but as you’ll see below, I have plenty of other options to choose from when training!


  • The Buddy Pouch. These were actually gifts from Aunt for Christmas a few years ago. She got me both sizes so that I could have options when running. One fits my phone, while the other does not. I’ll admit – I was extremely skeptical about this pouch before I used it. Would the magnetic strip really hold? Would the velcro be strong enough for my fuel and phone? But, I am happy to report that I was wrong. Although not ideal for long runs, this pouch is perfect for long walks, hikes, and runs under 10 miles. This does not bounce, and it keeps all of my items in tact.


  • Flip Belt. I’ll be honest…I totally bought this because everyone was talking about it. I  didn’t necessarily need a new belt at the time, but I really wanted to try it. And, to my delight, it is one of the best running belts I’ve ever tried, and it’s super simple to use! You slip your belongings into the holes and then flip it inside-out. Easy! I’ve used this on a few long training runs, and I’ve never had any issues. I’ll surely be using this again throughout the duration of my Dopey training!


  • Fitletic Forte Armband. Ok…so this isn’t a running belt per say, but I do use this a lot, so I think it deserves to be featured in this post. I love this armband! I’ve used it for several half marathons, and it’s been great! This armband provides the perfect amount of storage for my phone and Gu, and it comfortably stays put on my arm. I love it!


  • Fitletic Hydra 16 oz. Belt. And, finally, this is the most recent belt that I purchased. While training for my first two marathons in 2015 and 2016, Steve would ride the bike next to me to keep me company – since I had never gone that far before. He also carried a bag full of water bottles for me to use at any time. This time around, Steve and I have some other commitments, so I’m not sure that he will be able to ride next to me for every long training run. So, I decided to look for a running belt that would meet my hydration needs. Because I had such a great experience with my first Fitletic pouch, I decided to go back to it. I haven’t tried this belt out yet, but I’ve heard rave reviews from multiple bloggers and YouTubers. I’m hoping to try it out in the next few weeks!

And, those are the belts that I tend to use during my training cycles. I love them all and use them for very different reasons. I’m looking forward to using my new Fitletic hydration belt, and I’ll be sure to post a review once I do!

What’s your running belt of choice?



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