5 Reasons to RunDisney

Hello, friends!

Within the next few months, our Instagram feeds will be filled with tons and tons of RunDisney photos. From Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend to Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend, the next 3 months will be quite busy within the RunDisney realm.

As this next RunDisney race season approaches, I thought that I would take some time to explain why I love RunDisney events so much.

  • Entertainment. From music to character stops, RunDisney race courses are filled with tons of entertainment for all types of athletes. More serious runners can enjoy the music, signs, and parade floats as they zip through the course, while the “fun” runners (runners looking to have fun and take their time) can also enjoy character stops. Character stops really set RunDisney races apart from other races for me. Need a break? Stop to hug a character! Want a photo with your favorite character? Stop and get that photo!


  • Swag. No RunDisney race is complete without the swag! With each registration, you receive a a beautiful race shirt (or multiple if competing in a Challenge). Each race shirt is themed to whichever race weekend you are participating in and is made from very durable materials. I almost exclusively run in these shirts at home! They are so comfortable! RunDisney expos also have fantastic official merchandise booths, where you can buy shirts, jackets, magnets, wine glasses, mugs, pins, headbands, and more! I always come home with more than just the race shirt 🙂

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  • Courses. RunDisney race courses take you on a scenic route of the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or Disneyland Paris Resort. Runners are given a behind-the-scenes look at each resort’s entertainment, rides, access roads, and more, and most races take runners through the parks BEFORE they are open to the public – how cool! My favorite part of any RunDisney race? Running through the the castle in the Magic Kingdom. There’s nothing like running down Main Street U.S.A. with hundreds of fans cheering you on!


  • Costumes. RunDisney races give runners the ability to compete in costume. Most runners dress in Disney-themed costumes – in fact, you’re sort on your own if you don’t wear one! I previously shared my costume plans for Dopey Challenge in an earlier blog post, and if you want to see some of my previous RunDisney costumes, see my previous blog post here.
  • Atmosphere. And, my favorite part of any RunDisney race has to be the atmosphere. NOTHING beats the way that RunDisney races make you feel. Yes, the sights and sounds during the entire race are great, but the RunDisney race officials create an atmosphere where you truly feel that you can do anything – characters are cheering for you, fans are cheering for you, and all volunteers/race officials are cheering for you. It is absolutely incredible!

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If you’ve never done a RunDisney race before, you absolutely have to! Yes, the races aren’t cheap, and, yes, travel is required for most of you, but each race will leave you with the most incredible memories to last a lifetime!

What’s your favorite part about RunDisney races?


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