Disney-fying My Home

Hi, friends!

I’m sorry that I’ve been so busy! Steve and I have been working hard and spending a lot of time on our house. We bought our home (our first) in May of 2016, which was the beginning of a very busy year for us, and we haven’t had much time to decorate since then.

Well, I’m happy to say that we FINALLY finished decorating and decluttering our home this past weekend! We still have some work to do (painting, light fixtures, etc.), but it really is starting to feel like our perfect little starter home!

As you all know, we love Disney, so adding some Disney touches to our house was important to us (as you could probably tell from my recent Disney DIY projects).

Today, I want to share our newest additions to our home. I bought all of these prints on Etsy, and they all were AMAZING quality.

  • House Rules Frame: How cute is this?!?! I’ve been seeing this sign for a while now, and I knew that I wanted to add it to our home! We put this lovely sign in our living room.


  • Disney Castle Print: You guys, THIS PRINT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I was a little nervous with how the quality would turn out, but it is seriously flawless. It reminds me of the beginning of every Disney movie. We hung this in our spare bedroom, and I cannot stop staring at it! It’s the perfect touch of Disney for our guests.


  • Be Our Guest Prints: As you all know,  Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time, so I definitely needed to add something from that movie to my home. I found these prints on Etsy and fell in love. We hung these in our living room for all of our ‘guests’ to see…get it…’guests’…yeah, it’s late and my humor is lacking. These prints remind me a lot of the new version of the movie.


  • Hakuna Matata Print: And, my most favorite Disney movie of all time is The Lion King, so a Lion King print also had to happen. Oddly enough, when I saw this one, I knew that it would be perfect for our guest bathroom. Not only does it match the color scheme in the bathroom, but it also is where I take my baths and have some ‘me time.’ So, it had to go in there!


  • I Look At You And I’m Home Print (from MisoMade on Etsy – she’s taking a break now, so I can’t link to it): Story time: Our best man included this quote in his speech at our wedding, and we fell in love with it. We always knew the quote within the context of the movie (Finding Nemo), but now we say it to each other often. We wanted to have this displayed somewhere in our room to constantly remind of us of our perfect day.


And, that’s all, folks! We absolutely love the way that these Disney prints complete our home. They provide the perfect compliment to our other decor and interests.

What Disney decor items do you have in your home?


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