Week in Review – July 14, 2017

Happy Friday, friends!

Before this weekend begins, I’d like to take a moment to recap this past week. Let’s get started!


Another week, another six workouts…I am almost finished with Dopey Challenge Training Week #5!

  • Friday: 2-mile walk at the gym (fast) and some leg exercises
  • Saturday: 4 miles around the neighborhood
  • Sunday: Rest day! But, I took the dog for a 3-mile walk to move my legs a little.
  • Monday: 2-mile walk around the neighborhood with the dog and some leg exercises
  • Tuesday: 3 miles around the neighborhood and some arm exercises
  • Wednesday: 4 miles around the neighborhood
  • Thursday: 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym and some arm exercises

I plan to do 30 minutes on the elliptical and some leg exercises at the gym today, and then I will do 9 miles around the neighborhood tomorrow. I will definitely be taking a full rest day on Sunday because my legs are SORE this week!



Steve was at the beach this week, which means that Mr. Thad was VERY clingy….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See what I mean? Haha! But, I loved every second of his puppy snuggles.

Another one of my favorite experiences from the week was being able to craft! As I said in a previous blog post, I haven’t had the opportunity to craft in a VERY long time. I made time this week, and I created some very fun Disney DIY pieces (with the help of Pinterest and YouTube). I’ll share more about these pieces on the blog next week, but here’s a sneak peak!



I’m slowly making my way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I’m loving every second of it. Additionally, the Harry Potter movies have been playing on Freeform throughout the week, so I’ve been watching them after work and before bed.


Because I was on the go a lot this week, I really didn’t eat anything new or exciting. I did, however, make one of the best taco salads I’ve ever had…


YUM! And, please note my awesome wine glass that my friend made me. It says “I wine because I’m not at Disney” – how perfect!

Anything Exciting Happening Next Week?

Steve is back from the beach this weekend, so I’m very excited to see him (and so is Thad!)! He even planned a date night for us for tomorrow! I can’t wait!

What are you most excited for this weekend?


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