June Goals Recap and July Goals

Hi, friends! I can’t believe that it’s already July! Where is this summer going?

At the beginning of each month, I like to sit down and reflect on the previous month and make a list of goals to achieve during the month. June was a good month, especially in terms of new experiences!

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So many great memories were made!

Now that it’s the beginning of July, I wanted to recap my progress on my June goals. So…how did I do?

  1. Lose 4 pounds. Well…I didn’t exactly lose 4 pounds, but I did stay the same, which I can’t complain about. This month, I need to buckle down and lose this weight!
  2. Start training for Dopey. Done! I just finished week 3 of Dopey training, and I’m feeling GREAT!
  3. Try 3 new recipes. Done! This month, we made Margherita eggs (which you can see in my Week in Review post from a few weeks ago here), smoothie bowls, and Chocolate Covered Katie’s peanut butter black bean brownies. Yay for being adventurous!
  4. Flush out my wardrobe. Done! I got rid of a few pieces and added a few shirts to my collection.
  5. Finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Eek…if you’ve been following any of my recent Week in Review posts, then you’ll know that I haven’t exactly done very well with this goal. I’m on the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, so I should be starting Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire shortly!

So, overall, I didn’t do TOO badly….3/5 is good right?!

Now that July is underway and I’ve evaluated my June goals, I’ve come up with a list of 5 goals that I’d like to achieve before August.

My 2017 July goals are:

  1. Lose 4 pounds. I’m going to GET IT DONE this month! I am really going to focus on my nutrition and sleep this time around.
  2. Continue training for Dopey. Let’s hope I can keep up my training through the month of July. I’ve got this!
  3. Try 3 new DIY projects. I used to be a big crafter when I was younger, but I really have gotten away from it in the last few years. This month, I want to try 3 new DIY projects. Specifically, I’ve been eyeing up some Disney Home Decor DIY projects that I want to try. I’ll definitely keep you all posted!
  4. Finish my home decor projects. Steve and I moved in to our house last May, and I still haven’t hung pictures on all of our walls. Epic wife fail! I recently made two huge orders that will fill the blank walls in our house: one on Etsy and one on Shutterfly. I am SO excited about what I ordered, and I will definitely be sharing these purchases with you all in a future blog post!
  5. Finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’m going to make my goal much smaller this time around. I just want to finish ONE Harry Potter book this month.

So, there you have it: my goals for the month of July. I’m looking forward to recapping and reflecting on these goals next month! See you then!

What are your goals for July?


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