My First Golfing Experience

Howdy, friends!

So, as you may remember, I briefly mentioned a golf outing that Steve and I had two weeks ago. If you know my family at all, then you know that my husband Steve is a big-time golfer. He golfs any chance that he gets, and he’s not half bad!

Before our outing a few weeks ago, I had been bugging Steve for YEARS to take me golfing. Steve and I typically like the same things: Disney, food, Jeopardy, and, recently, running races (he ran the PA Grand Canyon Half Marathon 2014 and the Hungry Apple Challenge this past spring). He started running to bond with me, so why couldn’t I enter his “golfing world” to bond with him? I really wanted to know what was “so great” about golfing – it seemed pretty boring to me.


Well, I was SO wrong! Golfing proved to be harder than I thought….

First of all, the grip took me at least fifteen minutes to get down…I mean who crosses their fingers that way naturally?!

Steve had me start slow, only giving me five clubs and two buckets of golf balls to work with.


Here are my thoughts of each club that I tried:

  • Driver: THIS WAS MY FAVORITE CLUB! The driver was the easiest and most natural swing for me, and I even got the golf ball to go 150 yards!
  • Three-Wood: This was probably my second favorite club. Similar to the driver, I was able to naturally swing this club and hit the golf ball pretty far!
  • Five Iron: And, this is where things started to go wrong….While this was a flat club, I seemed to hit all of the golf balls into the ground and/or to the right. Eek.
  • Nine Iron: I also had trouble with the nine iron. Steve explained to me that this club was meant to make golf balls go higher in the air and shorter distances, but all of mine seemed to go straight out and 50+ yards…
  • Putter: Going in to the driving range, I thought that this would be the easiest club to master. I mean I’m usually pretty good at mini golf, so how much different could it be? [Insert the -___- emoji here] Maybe it was because I went from driving the ball 150 yards, but I overshot every put I attempted by a good 10-15 feet. I could not master the putting green at all!

So, what’s next? Well, my LOVELY husband said that if I stick with it and continue to go to the driving range twice a month, he’ll take me “real person” golfing at the end of the summer! ALL 18 HOLES! Although I was pretty sore and slightly discouraged after our first trip to the driving range, I plan to stick with it so that I can try golfing with Steve in a few months. There’s nothing better than sharing a hobby with your hubby. 🙂

Have you ever golfed? Share your experience(s) in the comments!


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