Top 5 Summer Running Tips

Happy First Day of Summer! With the heat and humidity rising, it’s time to start thinking about smart ways to train.

Summer RUNNING had me a blassssst…..get it….GET IT?!

Okay, enough of my humor for the day. Now, as most of you know, I live in Central Pennsylvania. No, this is not the most humid or hot climate, but we do have some crazy weather, especially in the summer. We get everything from tornadoes and severe storms to “feels like” 110 degree days. It really could go any way here in PA.

With that being said, summer is usually a very heavy training season for me as I typically do a RunDisney event each winter – which means LOTS and LOTS of miles. Now that I’m on year 5 of running, I’ve learned what works and does not work for me while training in the summer.

Today, I want to share my Top 5 Summer Running Tips with you all. Let’s get started1

1.Wear Moisture-Wicking Clothing. This is essential for me. There’s nothing worse than running in heavy, drenched clothing. It smells, it slows you down, and it’s just NOT okay…


One of my favorite moisture-wicking tops – featuring baby Thad!

2. Wear Sunscreen. Again, this is very important for me. I am very fair-skinned and I burn easily. Eight+ training miles takes a while, leaving my skin open to the sun for hours. Eek. Sunscreen is a must for sure.

3. Wear a Hat/Visor. I personally like to wear hats while running in the summer (and really on any sunny day) to keep the bright sun out of my eyes. I have yet to find a pair of running sunglasses that work for me, so hats are the way to go for this girl. Side note: if you use a pair of running sunglasses that you love, please leave the brand in the comments – I’d love to try them out!


4. Run Early. Yes, summer is “vacation” time for most people, but waking up and completing your runs earlier could really help you to beat the heat. I personally find it very relaxing to wake up early on a Saturday, watch the sun rise, and run while everyone else is still sleeping!

5. Carry a Water Bottle. I don’t know about you, but after 5 miles, I REALLY need water during my runs. And, when it’s a hot summer day, I need it even earlier than that! That’s why I like to carry a handheld water bottle for all of my summer runs. As I mentioned in a previous post, I LOVE the Nathan Insulated SpeedView Flask! I usually keep ice cold water or even Nuun in this bad boy!


So, there you have it: my Top 5 Summer Running Tips. I hope that you all have wonderful summers filled with many long runs and vacation days!

What tips do you have for summer running?


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