Dopey Challenge Costume Ideas Revealed!

After a lot of careful consideration, I’ve finally decided which characters I want to emulate for all of my Dopey Challenge races!


Last week, I was invited to a 1-year-old’s mermaid-themed birthday party. Of course, I bought a Raw Threads* shell tank top to fit the theme.


This was the same day as my sister’s prom – how cute does she look?!

Because I love Raw Threads’* tank tops and because I’m totally in love with this shirt, I’ve decided that I want to be Ariel for the 5K during the Dopey Challenge. I’ll pair this shirt with my green Sparkle Athletic* skirt and a red Sparkle Athletic* visor. It’s going to be a very simple costume, but it will also be cute!


I’ve decided that I want to do something different for my 10K costume, which will require some creative assistance from my grandmother (who is an excellent artist and seamstress). While I’ve loved all of my RunDisney costumes, I’ve never branched out of the girly/princess theme.

While I was trying to think of some non-girly costume ideas a few weeks back, my husband and I were watching Toy Story, my absolute favorite Pixar movie. My husband and I can quote the entire movie! As soon as the Pizza Planet scene started, it hit me! I could be an alien from Toy Story! How fun could that be?!

I’m thinking of getting a blue Sparkle Athletic* skirt, a blue tank top from Walmart*, green Zensah* compression sleeves, and then a green Sparkle Athletic* visor. With my grandmother’s help, I’m hoping to create the face of the alien on the visor itself – she promised me that she’d use her creativity to figure something out!


Again, I want to do something different for my half marathon costume. For RunDisney half marathons, I really like to use Sparkle Skirt* running skirts due to their level of comfort, storage, and breathability.

I kept that in mind when deciding what to be. I knew that I had a yellow and black Sparkle Skirt* in my collection to work with, and I gravitated slightly toward the black for this costume (you’ll see why later in this post).

Hmm…black is good for villlains….which I wasn’t feeling. Then, it hit me! I could be a dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians!

I’m very excited for this costume, you guys! I plan to wear my black Sparkle Skirt*, a white tank top, a white Sparkle Athletic* visor, and my white Zensah* compression sleeves. With my grandmother’s help, I plan to paint black polka dots on the white shirt, visor, and compression sleeves.


And finally, my full marathon costume. This was an easy costume for me to come up with, and it was the first one I officially decided I was going to do. I knew that I wanted to stay within the Dopey realm, so I narrowed my choices down to characters in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. And, because I already have a Snow White Raw Threads* shirt and a yellow Sparkle Skirt*, my decision was easy. I will be dressed as Snow White for the full! To the shirt and skirt, I will add the same red visor from my 5K costume and a pair of red Zensah* compression sleeves.

Now that I’ve officially decided my costumes for the races, I am getting very excited for the Challenge next January! My grandmother and I plan to work on the costumes this summer, and I’ll be sure to share my progress with you throughout the process.

What will you be for Dopey Challenge?


*This post was not sponsored by the brands and companies mentioned, and all opinions and views are my own.

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